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Veris Consulting Announces Nonprofit Outlook for 2013 Survey Results

Posted on February 20, 2013 in Sector News

Top Leadership Focused on Rethinking Revenue, Improving Program Metrics and Expanding Development 

SEA Member Veris Consulting announces the results of a research study on the Nonprofit Financial Outlook for 2013 providing vital insights into senior nonprofit leaders'  top priorities and challenges in 2013. Nearly half of nonprofit leaders approach 2013 focused on rethinking revenue models and income generation, improving program results and metrics and expanding development initiatives. To read the results, click here

The study was performed with Brittenford Systems, a technology systems firm for nonprofits. Veris and Brittenford surveyed senior nonprofit leaders of charitable nonproftis and national association. The research will provide insights on top priorites and challenges facing nonprofits in 2013. Some of those priorities and challenges include: comprehensive strategic planning, laser focused execution of strategy, and a more disciplined approach to revenue streams. Many of those surveyed will be considering new revenue models and income generation strategies in the coming year, and improving reporting metrics continues to be a top priority.

To read Veris' announcement of the final results, click here


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