Catalyst Kitchens Wins Social Impact Exchange Business Plan Competition

Posted on June 21, 2012 in Member News

We wrote on May 31 about SEA Member Catalyst Kitchens, a finalist in the Social Impact Exchange's Business Plan Competition. Congratulations to Catalyst Kitchens - they won the competition! FareStart, Catalyst Kitchen's parent organization, says it will use the funds to "grow its national network of member organizations - helping each to leverage FareStart's proven model of food service job training for the disadvantaged and collectively scale those efforts to have the greatest impact."

Social Impact Exchange hopes the competition will help "develop a strong pipeline of scale-ready initiatives, and provide them with the resources to successfully take the next steps in their growth trajectory." With a plan to launch 50 new programs, quadrupling their annual training capacity to 6,000 people, over the next four years, Catalyst Kitchens is certainly taking great strides toward growth!

We would also like to congratulate FareStart on the receipt of a $500,000 grant from the Wallmart Foundation! According to their press release, $400,000 of that money will be regranted through Catalyst Kitchens to organizations across the country to continue to scale their work. 


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