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Our rapidly expanding chapter network now numbers 16 chapters in 14 states. These local clusters of SEA members provide local networking and collaboration opportunities, act as the focal point for local policy and field-building awareness work, and serve as a key distribution channel for our intellectual content.

Social Enterprise Alliance Chapters are organic and grassroots, with local Boards that guide local efforts within guidelines established by the national SEA office. SEA national staff develops products and services for chapter use and coordinates efforts across chapters. 


Chapter Locations and Contact

Chapter Directory

Chicago Colorado Greater Cincinnati 
Detroit  Long Island Los Angeles
  Massachusetts Nashville
New York Metro North Texas San Francisco
  Tampa Bay Twin Cities
Washington State Greater Atlanta  Wisconsin (provisional)


SEA’s Chapter Strategy

A vibrant network of local chapters is vital to our aim of helping social enterprise reach its full potential as force for positive social change. Within our vision of a social enterprise ecosystem, they play a key role.

  • They are a distribution channel for SEA’s intellectual capital that builds the field.
  • They are the driving force in mobilizing state and local public policy initiatives.
  • Collectively, they represent an aggregatable constituency for our national public policy initiatives.
  • They raise awareness of social enterprise among local funders and corporate partners.
  • They expand local markets and procurement opportunities for social enterprise.
  • They identify and assist many early stage social enterprisers who might not otherwise come to light.
  • They add substantial member value by satisfying members’ desire for local communities and networks of fellow social enterprisers.
  • They provide a national footprint for SEA that supports our field leadership role.
  • They provide rapid feedback and response on key social enterprise queries and initiatives.
  • They attract new members to SEA.
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How Chapters Support Member Value

Chapters support our goal of making membership in SEA indispensable and accessible to anyone who self-identifies with the field. Local value is the third leg to the member value stool that also includes Direct Value and Collective Value.

  • Chapter members become part of close knit communities and networks of social enterprisers who learn from and support each other.
  • Chapter events provide opportunities for members to tour other enterprises and to have their own enterprises toured by others.
  • Chapters make connections to funders and corporate partners which benefit local members.
  • Chapters influence state and local policy in ways that benefit members.
  • Chapter members become recognized as leaders in the field within their communities.
  • Chapter members frequently find opportunities to do business with each other.


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How SEA Supports Its Chapters

SEA Chapters are typically started by a handful of local leaders in a local market that has a critical mass of SEA members or potential members. They are guided by strong local Boards that develop the unique identity of the Chapter.

SEA supports their efforts through an evolving service model that is designed to maximize the local leaders’ ability to develop creative local programs, partnerships and initiatives while minimizing administrative burden effort.

  • SEA’s national office includes a dedicated staff member who works exclusively on chapter services.
  • Social Enterprise Alliance operates as a single 501(c)(3) corporation, so all chapter activity can be transacted through a single, rather than multiple entities.
  • A substantial portion of SEA membership revenues are returned to the Chapters. SEA maintains funds for all Chapters.
  • In some Chapter markets, we have successfully procured major grants or partnerships that have been used to hire local staff or support specific local programs.
  • SEA has an aggressive and rapidly growing social media presence. We love to brag about our chapters and members through these channels.
  • We promote local events through an event submission portal on our popular website.
  • SEA provides commercial liability and D&O insurance to protect the Chapters and their Board members.
  • SEA is developing vehicles for regular communication with Chapter leaders including monthly calls/webinars, private online forums and task forces. Chapter leaders “test drive” many of our initiatives before we roll them out to members.


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Chapter Benefits

Chapter Membership and Leadership Benefits


Chapter Membership (automatically granted when member joins in a region where a chapter exists)

Chapter Leadership
(officers, board members, committee members, and staff)

Chapter affiliation emails: personal email introduction for all new members in chapter regions to connect them with their chapter leaders

Local networking and educational events
(where applicable)

Social enterprise tours
(where applicable)

Receive local chapter newsletter (where applicable)

Feature on chapter website or Facebook (where applicable and at chapter leaders’ discretion)

Opportunity to become a leader in the chapter

A national office dedicated staff person to respond to all chapter-related questions and concerns

Access to all other chapter initiatives – training programs, policy initiatives, and partnerships (varies by chapter)

Leadership with state and local government on social enterprise policy


Monthly chapter leaders conference calls


Chapter leaders directory: access to contact information of all other chapter leaders to facilitate a nationwide chapter leaders network


Chapter funds managed by SEA’s national office


Commercial liability and D&O insurance to protect the chapters and their Board members


Getting a first look at SEA national office’s initiatives: chapter leaders are often asked for feedback or to “test drive” before the general SEA membership


Social Enterprise Alliance email inbox


Social Enterprise Alliance Chapter logo and collateral


Discount on Eventbrite for planning SEA chapter events


Access to the full SEA speaker directory (coming soon)


If this sounds good to you, but you do not currently have a chapter in your region, please contact us at We would be happy to discuss the chapter formation process and the specific benefits of becoming a chapter!

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Chapter Development Process

Social Enterprise Alliance has a detailed process and toolkit for launching successful chapters.

 A provisional chapter can be established in any distinct geographic market with at least ten SEA members, and a full chapter charter may be awarded once there are 15 members. For more information,

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Click here to visit the San Francisco Chapter Website Click here to visit the Los Angeles Chapter Website Click here to join the North Texas Chapter on Facebook Click here to contact the Tampa Bay Chapter Leader Click here to visit the Nashville/Middle Tennessee Chapter WebsiteClick here to visit the Chicago Chapter Website Click here to visit the Twin Cities Chapter WebsiteClick here visit the Massachusetts Chapter website Click here to contact the Maryland Chapter leader Click here to contact the Colorado Chapter leader Click here to contact the New York Chapter leader Click here to visit the Long Island Chapter's website


Becoming a member of SEA means joining a community of changemakers. Benefits, support, networking, professional development... the reasons are endless!

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